Garmin Training Center for Mac beta

Garmin heeft een nieuwe beta uitgebracht van haar Garmin Training Center. De door iedere sporter verguisde software is ietsje beter geworden. Ik gebruik het zelf zo nu en dan, bijvoorbeeld om het profiel van mijn Edge eenvoudig aan te passen.
Belangrijkste nieuwigheidje voor mijzelf is de mogelijkheid om te uploaden naar Garmin Connect.
In het bijbehorende bericht op het forum staan de volledige specificaties te lezen:

What’s New:

– History Auto Grouping:
Year/Month and Year/Week auto-generated folders have been added. The week folders’ start date is determined by your System Preferences. If you change the first day of the week, relaunch GTC and the folders will be re-generated.
-User Profile:
We have made many changes under the hood to User Profile. We have added validation and stricter rules in order to be able to round-trip User profile with FIT devices (ie Edge 500, Forerunner 110).
– Power support:
User Profile now supports Power Zones and FTP for the Biking Sport.
Zones can now be shown on the Power graph.
Workouts can be created with Power Targets and Durations. Note: This is not supported by all devices. See the Known issues section below.
– Send activities to Garmin Connect:
This feature provides an easy way to send an activity in Training Center to a Garmin Connect account. A Garmin Connect account is required. Select any activity or activity folder (history) in Training Center and use the “File…Send to Garmin Connect…” menu item to upload to a Garmin Connect account. If Training Center has not been authorized to upload activities to a Garmin Connect account, an embedded browser will guide the user through the authorization process.

– New export formats:

Activities: Comma Separated and Tab-delimited text
Scheduled Workouts:iCal
Known Issues:
The beta is English-only.
Power workouts are not supported by all devices.
– Edge 500: Compatible with all of the new User profile and workout features.
– Edge 705: Will take the User Profile options and Workouts with “Maintain” (Target) power steps as of firmware 3.20. Workouts with “Go Until” (Duration) power steps are not supported by TCX and therefore are not supported on the Edge 705. These will appear as default “Until Lap button is pressed” step.
System Requirements:
Intel Processor, Mac OS X 10.5 or newer.

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